Monday, October 25

We Love Homegrown Stories like Ruibal’s

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Ruibal's Plants of Texas

Ruibal’s Farmer’s Market takes pride in their plants

In North Texas, we LOVE to shop local and we appreciate when the owners are also local. Ruibal’s Plants of Texas is a true North Texas homegrown story. Michael Ruibal, along with his family, began selling plants at a small space of 10×20 in the Dallas Farmers Market. That was in 1984 and the rest as they say, is history.

Today, Ruibal’s has expanded from his humble beginnings to an entire Dallas city block, still located in the Dallas Farmers Market area. Ruibal’s has threeother locations outside of the Dallas Farmers Market. Lakewood, Lemmon Avenue and Rosemeade, (far North Dallas) are where you may find these specialized nurseries.|

Ruibal’s does offer everything a typical nursery will hold. There are many things this place offers, that other places do NOT. In Ruibal’s, they offer locally grown produce, nuts, specialty canned items, beautifully potted arrangements for indoors and outdoors, and unique outdoor and indoor home décor.

A feel of a local Farmers Market is what you expect when entering any location of a Rubal’s Plants of Texas location. Ruibal’s also offers delivery, they deliver to a 40 mile radius from Dallas.

Here is my favorite surprise I found out about Ruibal’s, did you know they rent out items for your event or private party? If you did not know, well, now you do! If you have a party or an event that demands a touch of incredible green or a pop of floral color, you have it! They will rent their gorgeous plants to you at a fraction of the actual cost of buying them. Furthermore, you can even schedule dropping them off and picking them up! They also have a selection of pottery that can be rented as well. Be sure to call them if you need their help for your next event.

Farmers Market Location, 601 S Pearl Expy, Dallas, TX 75201

214-744-9100 SHRUB & TREE LOT: 469-364-6517

Rosemeade Location 3646 Rosemeade Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75287

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