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Tiny Home Community and Affordable Living in Carrollton, Texas

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Carrollton Texas Tiny Homes

Carrollton Texas Tiny Homes

For many years people have moved to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex because we offered affordable living and we had a strong job market. Times are changing and our housing market is no longer “affordable” to the masses. If you are seeking a 2,000 square foot home, on a lot size of a quarter of an acre, in a good school district, in a safe neighborhood, within a 30 minute drive to Downtown Dallas,  you will be finding fixer uppers in the 280k and up range. The need for affordable housing is at an all-time high.  

In 2018 the local elections in Carrollton, Texas had a reoccurring concern, the need for affordable housing. The suggestions for an upscale Mobile Home neighborhood and Tiny Home community came up several times.

The demands for a mobile home and tiny house community would dictate that a smaller house would mean smaller cost. Whereas the average cost of a

standard home is upwards of $280k, the average tiny home costs is nearly a tenth of that (about $30k). Due to this reduced cost, most tiny homeowners are mortgage-free (68%). The reduced price also means that insurance and taxes are significantly lower as well.

Tiny Homes Community in Carrollton Texas

Tiny Home Living in Carrollton Texas

If a tiny home is not suitable for you and your family needs, and you need a home with 2,000 square feet and four bedrooms, a new double wide, fully upgraded mobile home will range you in the ballpark of 60 to 100K.  With a rented space of $600 per month, and a finance payment ranging from $500 – $1000.00 per month, this will put your housing expense at $1,100 – 1,600 monthly.

If this sounds like something you would like, you don’t have to wait for Carrollton to build a community like this. Carrollton has a tiny home and mobile home community that is waiting for you to become their newest resident!

Steve Babick Visits Tiny House Community in Carrollton Texas

Steve Babick Visits Tiny House Community in Carrollton Texas

Sandy Lake RV Park has updated their property and if you haven’t visited them lately. Be prepared to see a dog park, a large recreational club house, an updated pool, new fitness center, well-kept and professionally landscaped areas, weekly events and a management team that lives on the premises and makes customer service their priority.

Carrollton, Texas is home to 12 Tiny Homeowners in this close-knit community. This neighborhood located on 1915 Sandy Lake Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006. The schools are within Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD. The schools that will service students that reside in this neighborhood are Riverchase Elementary, Barbara Bush Middle School, and Ranchview High School.

Samantha Ryan is a Guest Writer for Carrollton Connection