Wednesday, October 27

Life, Mikey Loves It! Real Estate Agent Spotlight

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Are you buying or selling your home? This process can be stressful. For most, this will be your largest financial investment of your life. This is not the time for you take risk, figure out things for yourself, or cut corners thinking you may be saving yourself money.

Mikey Abrams with Texas Pride Realty

When purchasing or selling real estate, you really need to have an expert by your side, looking out for you, and making certain your money is spent wisely.

Find an agent that you can work well with. Communication is the most important part of this entire process. You need someone you feel comfortable discussing your financial circumstances. You need to find an agent that will listen to your needs. You need an agent that knows the market well.

Carrollton Connection loves promoting everything and everyone local. Meet Mikey Abrams with Texas Pride Realty. Mikey can make everything in this process stress free and fun! Mikey knows the North Texas Real Estate market and he can save you time and money.
Mikey Abrams Texas Pride Realty

Mikey was born and raised in the Mont Del Estates neighborhood of Fort Worth Texas. He graduated from the prestigious private high school of Fort Worth Country Day. Mikey earned his undergraduate degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He obtained his teaching certificate from Texas Christian University and became a theater teacher in North Garland High School. Mikey had a desire to inspire young minds and help them reach the goals they dreamed of. Mikey wanted to reach as many students as he could, so he studied in Mexico to begin his journey in becoming bilingual.

On the set of Waynes World
Mikey Abrams Texas Pride Realty

Years later, Mikey wanted to do something different. Once you meet Mikey, it is obvious he has been blessed the ability to make people feel comfortable and confident. He knew he had to find a career where people were important. His role as Real Estate Agent was an obvious match.

Mikey’s passion spills over into everything he touches. He loves what he does in this field. He loves getting the BEST offer for his clients selling their property. And makes it his goal to secure the best home and purchasing price for those who are buying.

Mikey Abrams with Texas Pride Realty

If you are searching for an excellent real estate agent, you need to give Mikey Abrams with Texas Pride Real Estate a call now. Mikey Abrams with Texas Pride Realty 817-714-5959.

If and when you do begin your journey selling or purchasing your home, please let Carrollton Connection know. We would love to highlight your journey.

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