Sunday, November 28

Let Team Lemma get your morning started right!

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Lemma Coffee Roasters

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans is the ONLY way to start the Day!

Daniel Baum is a homegrown local North Texan who has defiantly made a positive impact in our community.  Daniel’s company, Lemma Coffee Roasters brings a fresh coffee experience to our communities.  Let me tell you what to expect from the new coffee shop in Downtown Carrollton. Expect the amazing aromas of roasted coffee beans that are done on site in their Broadway location.  Expect dishes like yogurt bowls filled with fresh fruit and granola. Expect enjoyable sandwiches like Avocado Toast with locally sourced bread and a fried egg. Expect an incredible Brisket and Egg sandwich that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

We have new neighbors on Broadway

We have new neighbors on Broadway

Most of all, you can depend on the most amazing cup of coffee served to you with the best customer service Texas has to offer.  Team Lemma has the ingredients to a must visit location for breakfast lunch and after work pick me up!

Recently Carrollton Connection asked Daniel a few questions to get to know our new neighbor a little better.

Carrollton Connection: We have heard you are local, please tell us your relationship with CFBISD and our city.


Daniel Yeah definitely! I went through CFBISD from Las Colinas Elementary to Ranchview High School. I would have attended RL Tuner like my older sister, but once Ranchview was finished, Barbara Bush fed right into it. 

Carrollton Connection: Your best memory in Carrollton?  

Daniel Best memory of Carrollton has to be the times I had playing on the CFB Vipers ice hockey team. I ended up as captain of the team my senior year and always enjoyed being apart of the districts team. 

Brisket and Egg Sandwich

Brisket and Egg Sandwich

Carrollton Connection: Why Roasted Coffee, what turned you toward your love and expertise with coffee?

Daniel I remember hanging out at a really good friends house in high school and her dad had a little home espresso machine. I told my wife about that experience a number of times and her being the amazing gift buyer she is, she bought me a little espresso machine for my birthday one year. From there I just got more and more into coffee and that lead to me buying a small roaster and giving it a try! 

Carrollton Connection: Lemma Roasted Coffee is amazing, where did you come up with the menu? 

Lemma Coffee

Lemma Coffee

Daniel Thank you so much! We’ve got a pretty traditional menu where the drink name dictates the size. The craft coffee movement is what we’re apart of and ultimately, we’re brewing these to bring out the sweetness and complexity that exists in them. Our food menu was created when we decided to open a brick and mortar location. We were aiming for big flavor with 

Carrollton Connection: What is your 5 year goal for Lemma Roasted Coffee? 

Daniel Our 5 year goal is to continue to establish our brand, grow our wholesale program and hopefully be in a situation to expand our retail experience! 


Get yourself to Lemmas, this place is amazing and we are so proud of our new neighbors.