Sunday, October 24

Flood Insurance, is this something you really need? Hear my story and find out what happened to my family.

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 Michelle Donovan McCrohan

A homeowner in Carrollton Texas gives us her story on her house flooding.

Carrolltoian Michelle Donovan McCrohan, experienced home damage and has words of wisdom to pass on. 

At the end of April, our home flooded because the city drain behind our home had clogged up during a flash flood. In the 20 years since my husband’s family first bought our home, it had not flooded nor has it since that night. We had about 8 inches of rushing water through our home. I found about a dozen other residents who flooded during that time. Unfortunately, that number was not not enough for government help. Our insurance denied the claim and the city denied our claim.

We are left to repair the ruins of our home ourselves. This meant we had around $75,000  worth of damages to our home. This amount did not include the  thousands of dollars worth of damage to our furniture,  household items and priceless mementos.

I am NOT writing to you for pity, I am writing you as your neighbor. I want to  warn our Carrollton neighbors., and any North Texas neighbors, this could happen to you!  We keep getting crazy storms and flash flooding. Just because it hasn’t happened where you are, it doesn’t mean it won’t, and it doesn’t mean that it can’t. 

Needless to say, we now have flood insurance thanks to Katie Morales with Goosehead Insurance. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and our particular home costs less than $500 to insure against all 4 major water losses.  There is a 30 day waiting period for the policy to be effective. 

Let our experience be a lesson for all of our neighbors. Unless you are at a very low income or it’s a nationally declared disaster, there isn’t much help.  I was unable to find any programs that will put our home back together short of refinancing your home with a rehab loan.  By the way, I can give you lender referrals for that too, if you need. Please do your family a favor and call Katie. The peace of mind will be worth the cost. (I do not get anything for referring you).

As your neighbor, I simply want to pass my experience on to you. Thank you Carrollton Connection for allowing me to pass on this tip for my fellow North Texas neighbors. 

Michelle Donovan McCrohan is a guest writer for the Carrollton Connection