Thursday, January 27

City of Carrollton Appoints New Pro Tem Positions

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Congratulations to Carrollton City Council members Steve Babick and Pat Cochran as Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem



The Carrollton City Council appointed Councilmembers Steve Babick and Pat Cochran as Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, respectively, during the July 7 meeting.

Babick, who was elected to Place 1 in 2018, previously served as Deputy Mayor Pro Tem for the 2016-2017 year at the end of his initial term. He will complete his second term in 2021.


(Above photo) City of Carrollton Council Member Steve Babick.

“It is always humbling to have the unanimous support of Council and I am appreciative of their confidence in selecting me as Mayor Pro Tem,” Babick said. “Being growth-oriented, I plan to utilize this position’s voice to foster buy-ins supporting policies important to the families and businesses that call Carrollton home ꟷ public safety, economic development, a strong neighborhood network, and alliances with our school districts ꟷ to continue to drive property value appreciation.”

Babick said, now more than ever, the focus on public safety and maintaining the wonderful relationship between the Carrollton Police Department and the community has proven to be a key element of why Carrolltonian’s call this City home. He said he will do his part to ensure inclusion of all and embrace their differences as assets of what makes this City home and such a special place to live.

Cochran was elected to Place 3 in 2018 and will complete her term in 2021.

(Above photo) City of Carrollton Council member Pat Cochran.

“From my first day on the job as Councilmember for Carrollton, I have been honored to serve the citizens of our City,” Cochran said. “At this point in my service, I am humbled by the support shown me by my fellow Councilmembers in nominating and selecting me to serve as Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.”

Cochran said she plans to continue emphasizing the value of the remarkable diversity embraced in Carrollton; promoting the inclusiveness of all people who call the City home; working with Council on the shared priorities of improving infrastructure, bringing new businesses, and developing stronger relationships with schools; making it possible for citizens to feel safe and respected; and always being fiscally responsible with the stewardship of City finances.

“Carrollton is a beautiful place to live, work, and visit,” Cochran said. “With a diverse social, economic, and culturally-rich environment, a dedicated City staff, first class public safety and first responder professionals, while being conveniently located to airports, transit centers, and major roadways, I believe Carrollton has a strong future and will continue to grow economically while retaining the core value of respecting others and being known as a City with a heart.”

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