Thursday, January 27

Carrollton Police Department Recognized By Chiefs Statewide

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Chief Derick Miller (center) and Commanders Andy Horn (left) and Michael Bishop (right) accepted the award from TPCA on March 28.

The Carrollton Police Department was “Recognized” for Best Practices by the Texas Police Chiefs Association at the annual conference recognition luncheon held on Wednesday, March 28 at the Galveston Island Convention Center.

This is the third time CPD has been recognized and proven to be in compliance with 166 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices as designated by the TPCA. Carrollton is only one of 14 cities recognized for the third time.

“The ‘Recognized’ status is awarded for a period of four years to an agency that has voluntarily undertaken a careful internal review of its policies, procedures, equipment, facilities, and operations,” according to the TPCA. “After an independent review of written documents and proofs, a team of assessors is sent to the agency to review their operations and facilities, and to interview the department’s staff. A final report outlining the findings is sent to the TCPA Recognition Committee. The committee reviews the findings and votes whether or not to award ‘Recognized’ status for another four years.”

“This voluntary process helps CPD ensure we are firmly on track to carry out our mission: proactively protect our community while treating all we encounter with professionalism, dignity, and respect,” said Carrollton Police Chief Derick Miller. “The citizens expect and deserve a great deal from us, but we expect even more from ourselves. This recognition process holds us accountable and helps us make sure we are performing with integrity and with the highest ethical standards”.

Police agencies then prove their compliance with standardized best law enforcement practices such as training, vehicle pursuit, and use of force policies and procedures, and voluntarily continue to submit annual performance reports and written documents to evidence their ongoing commitment to excellence.

“This acknowledgement of our police department comes as no surprise to me. I believe the Carrollton Police Department and our officers are the best in the country and this award affirms that quality,” said Mayor Kevin Falconer. “I’m proud of Carrollton’s Finest and excited they have been honored for their efforts.”

While similar in nature to the national accreditation program, the Best Practices Recognition Program is designed specifically for Texas Law Enforcement and has become the new gold standard for Texas law enforcement since its inception in 2006, per the TCPA.

Police Chief Miller, Commander Andy Horn, and Commander Michael Bishop accepted the certificate of recognition at the conference.